Relative Difficulty of Requesting a change to your Navy FITREP or Evaluation

Frequently clients contact me after they received an EVAL or Fitrep that they feel they did not deserve. They  want to change the report and ask “How hard is it for me to change this component of my report?”

As such I put together a matrix outlining the relative difficulty in changing a specific section of your Navy FITREP or EVAL.

The First two requested changes are relatively easy to change. This is because they do not affect any other FITREP or EVAL in your group. You Admin officer can easily make the change, the reporting senior signs and the changed FITREP or EVAL gets sent off to BUPERS.  

Easy: Comments section in Block 43 (for Chief Eval/ Enlisted Eval) or Block 41 (for Officer FITREP)

Easy: Next Career milestone. Block 42 (for Chief Eval/ Enlisted Eval) or Block 40 (for Officer FITREP)

Medium – Air Gapped: Receiving an air gap has everything to do with your performance, not the performance of your entire pier group. This is medium hard to argue as air gaps are only given to people who are not performing to expectation or have a discipline problem. This also requires all the FITREPS or EVALS to be collected, changed, and resigned.

Hard – Member Trait Average: Changing a member’s trait average effects all the other FITREPS or EVALS in a summary group. This also requires all the FITREPS or EVALS to be collected, changed, and resigned.

Very Hard — Performance Recommendation: This is because changing a performance recommendation adversely affects at least one other person in your  summary group. By increasing your performance recommendation the commanding officer will then need to decrease another person’s performance recommendation. I have only seen this done in very rare conditions.

If you find yourself in any situation where you want to change your Navy FITREP or Eval I recommend you contact me for individual one-on-one support.