Five things you must consider before submitting a EVAL statement

I’ve been there many times. I’ve sat down face to face with an unhappy sailor, who worked his or her tail off over the last 12 months, and for some reason just did not get the Navy Eval marks he or she wanted. While there could be a number of factors on why that eval is subpar, one thing is for sure; the sailor is frustrated at the chain of command and wants to submit a statement.

As per BUPERS Instruction 1610.10 you have 10 days to submit a statement after signing an adverse report, or two years to submit a statement for any other report. While the two year time line may give you the impression that you have plenty of time; in reality you want to get your eval or fitrep statement signed and sent off with in the first 10 days of seeing your FITREP or EVAL.

Before you even make that decision to submit a statement on your Navy FITREP or EVAL there are a few items you must consider.

  1. What was your performance like? What was your performance REALLY like? If you underperformed submitting a statement will do nothing to benefit you.  Get some outside help to assist you in viewing your performance through the lense of the ranking board.
  2. What is your seniority within your pier group? While performance is most heavily weighted, seniority is taken into effect. A junior 1/C petty officer will probably be given a bit more time to “season” before being recommended for “immediate promotion to Chief”
  3. What are your mentors thoughts on submitting a statement?  Before submitting, or threatening to submit, a statement you need to have a good heart to heart talk with your mentor. If you don’t have a mentor you need to get on the ball and find one now.
  4. What are you trying to get out of submitting a statement on your navy Eval or FITREP? Are you trying to make a point? Add a statement to your record? Change your FITREP or Eval?   There are some things that are easy to change in a FITREP or Eval, and there are some things that are nearly impossible to change.  If you submit a statement in order to change your FITREP or EVAL you need to understand how easy or difficult it is to change.  Reach out to me and I can help you through this process.
  5. How will a statement effect your next FITREP or EVAL? Will submitting a statement just frustrate you chain of command? Will you be ranked again while at the same command? Or is this your last FITREP or Eval?

If you do decide to submit a statement I’m happy to assist at my services page.

If you are not 100% happy, I refund your money.  My work is yours to keep.