43 Catch Words for FITREP and Eval Writing

ACHIEVEMENTS: significant, outstanding
APPROACH: energetic, enthusiastic, enthusiastic and diplomatic, vigorous, diligent and untiring
ASTUTE: advice, judgment, planning
ATTITUDE: cheerful, cooperative, selfless
COMPETENCE: professional, exceptional professional
CONTRIBUTED: immeasurably, significantly, materially, directly,
DEMONSTRATED: continually, has clearly, rare and exceptional
DEVOTION TO DUTY: untiring, sincere, constant, unfailing, unusual,
DIRECTION: positive, firm guidance. enlightening
EFFORTS: untiring, vigorous, energetic, tireless
•        EFFICIENCY: optimum, maximum
•        ENTERPRISE: self-reliant
•        ENTHUSIASM: infectious, unbounded
•        EFFECTIVE: was outstandingly, planning, accomplishment, highly
•        EXAMPLE: sterling, personal
•        EXPERIENCE: broad, professional, technical
•        FORCE: driving
•        FORESIGHT: remarkable, keen, accurate
•        GUIDANCE: skillful, proficient, firm, cheerful
•        INITIATIVE: strong, rare and exceptional
•        JUDGMENT: sound, mature, outstanding, discerning, decisive
•        KEEN: personal interest, interest, insight, analytical mind, sense of responsibility
•        KNOWLEDGE: professional, technical, professional and technical, broad,
•        LEADERSHIP: positive, brilliant, dynamic, inspired, capable, energetic, outstanding qualities of, exceptional, vigorous, outstanding organization and leadership capabilities, qualities of the highest order, remarkable leadership qualities
•        LOYALTY: intense
•        MANNER: cooperative, diplomatic, brilliant, outstanding, superior, superb, efficient, highly effective, exemplary, judicious
•        MANAGEMENT: capable
•        PERFORMANCE: outstanding, outstanding record of
•        PLANNING: meticulous, astute, capable, calm and effective
•        PRINCIPLES: sound managerial
•        PROFESSIONAL: confidence, ability, skill, competence, knowledge, and technical knowledge, adeptness, inner
•        PRAISE: unstinting
•        PURPOSE: tenacity of, resoluteness of, fidelity of
•        RESPONSIBILITY: a spirited sense of, keen sense of, willingness to accept, willingly assumed the, deep sense of
•        SERVICE: dedicated
•        SPIRIT: indomitable
•        SUPPORT: vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, aggressive
•        TECHNICAL: understanding, knowledge, adeptness
•        UNDERSTANDING: thorough, and judgment, human
•        WISDOM: unusual, unfailing

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